Weed Eater Parts

We Have a Great Selection of Weed Eater Parts

A weed eater is basically an aluminum or steel bar, usually with the motor on one end and the blade or nylon string on the other. On some models a second bar with handles on it crosses the bar near the middle. Others have a single handle fixed to the bar.

Weed eaters do not require much maintenance and can usually be serviced right at home. One of the most important steps to help keep your weed eater in good condition is to keep it clean. After trimming the grass, it will be caked with dirt, grass, weeds, and sometimes other objects. Take an air compressor or leaf blower and clean it off, if the grime is really packed in there, use a small pointy object to scrape it out.

Some weed eaters that use string only keep one piece in place at a time. If you notice you don’t seem to be making as much progress as usual, check your string. When the string starts to wear thin or breaks off, it is time to replace it. Undo the head where the string stays, cut a new piece of string from your roll and thread it through properly, make sure the string is an adequate length, just long enough so it doesn’t scrape against the plastic cover that goes around the string.

Other weed eaters have a roll hooked onto the bottom, when the string starts wearing thin, simply pressing the head and slightly pulling on the string till you have the adequate length.

Be sure to have extra string or blades on hand, especially before beginning any large trimming projects. If your weed eater is gas powered, keep a container of extra gas in the garage, if it is electric; be sure to have an extension cord long enough to allow you to reach all corners of the yard.