More about Shindaiwa Weed Eaters

We Have a Great Selection of Weed Eaters

Shindaiwa is owned subsidiary of Shin-Daiwa Kogyo, Ltd., of Hiroshima, Japan, and was incorporated in Oregon in 1981. Shindaiwa is a leading manufacturer of professional-quality outdoor power equipment. Shindaiwa trimmers offer the strongest power-to-weight ratio available, start all the time, work in any position, and keep going no matter how you bang them around. Plus with the new throttle control, front handle and see-where-you're-going debris shield, they're easier to operate

Here are some of the Best Weed Eaters from Shidaiwa:

Shindaiwa T2500 Weed Eater

First of its kind, the T2500 grass trimmer features proprietary technology which translates into real benefits for the commercial operator. The T2500 features a patented crankcase combustion chamber to boost engine power and performance. And it uses normal mixed fuel to lube and cool vital engine parts. The T2500 has the best of both worlds: Great throttle response, outstanding power, multiple-position use, and the lightweight of a 2-cycle engine! - combined with less noise, better fuel economy, and the lower engine emissions.

Shindaiwa T230 Weed Eater

Shindaiwa T230 is one of the lightest weed eaters in its category. This trimmer has a Shindaiwa- built 2 cycle engine and a forced-air cooling, discharged away from the operator. It has a spark arrestor muffler with replaceable screen and a stainless steel tank guard. On the shaft is an easy access stop switch, the carbon steel main shaft with splined ends reduces vibration and operator fatigue. Another great feature is the