Walk Behind Weed Eaters

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Walk behind weed eaters are generally used to do the job of mowing and trimming an intricately landscaped lawn. For mowing vast majority of the area and getting as close to landscaping such as trees, gardens, shrubs, houses and the like as can be easily done with a walk behind weed eater.

Walk behind weed eater is ideal for going places that a regular weed eater cannot handle. It can chop down reeds and brush. Since it is a walk behind you do not have to deal with the weight and the swinging motion of regular weed eaters.

The walk behind weed eater is designed to reduce back stress associated with hand-held weed eaters, yet it provides three to four times the power for effectively trimming overgrown edges and high weeds and lawns. Generally walk behind weed eaters are equipped with a 6 HP engine to maneuver rugged landscapes and manicured lawns with ease.

The trimmer head is located on the left side of the weed eater while wheels allow the weed eater to turn corners deftly while providing clearance in rougher terrain. To prevent debris from clustering around the machine, debris guard is built onto the rear of the weed eater.